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Our team

markanthonyMaster Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor Mark Anthony
Master Hypnotist Mark Anthony has run a number of businesses in the past, and although Mark’s first time of Hypnotising somebody was about 10 years old, he went for many years running various businesses, using Hypnotic Language skills to help further his business skills, and then when Mark emigrated to Australia about 13 years ago, he got the Hypnosis bug back again, but this time, even more, and is a FULL TIME Hypnotist!

Master Hypnotist Mark Anthony is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Advanced Hypnosis Practitioner and a Master NLP Practitioner. Mark runs a very successful Hypnosis Clinic in Bundall on the beautiful Gold Coast, where he treats ‘thousands’ of clients for the more serious side of Hypnosis. Mark is also Hypnotist To The Stars, working with many Australian Celebrities, Television Personalities and Sports Stars. Renowned as being one of ‘Australia’s Leading Hypnotists’, Mark travels Australia and other parts of the World extensively with his Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Motivational, Inspirational Seminars and Hypnosis Therapy.

Master Hypnotist Mark Anthony is also an International Stage Hypnotist and a Headliner Performer for many Cruise Lines including; Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines and Azamara Cruise Lines.

Small Business Guru and Hypnosis Trainer Nicholas Lord
Nicholas Lord started his first business when he was 16, with a natural affinity for technology he was able to bypass university and learn the real life skills he needed to excel in the corporate world. Nicholas’s first business venture was being employed by 3 accountants as an outsourced bookkeeper earning more in a weekend then most of his classmates earned in a month, all while still in High School. At the age of 20 he went into family businesses in food retail, this is where he excelled and learned what it really was like to own his own business, working 100 hour weeks with only a couple of days off every year. After 5 years of this, the businesses were sold at a profit and this is where his real journey into the corporate world began.

Starting from the bottom of the chain as a telemarketer, cold calling, he worked his way up to Sales Manager, Team Leader and Project Manager for companies such as American Express, Country Energy, Ace Insurance, Westpac and Energy Australia. While on this journey, his affinity for finance came to light and he moved into an Investment bank where he managed customers with funds invested in excess of $5M.

After 2 years of investment banking, he had the necessary experience to apply for Business Banking at Westpac Bank, one of the 4 major banks in Australia. Starting at the bottom yet again, he worked his way from business service and support into business banking sales, merchant sales, transactional banking, commercial lending and finally international banking.

In 1 year Nicholas mastered business process, policy and procedures and was asked to become the Subject Matter Expert for the Sydney call centre, where he coached and trained 200 bankers. Nicholas also had the privilege of creating a new hiring assessment centre process for employing new bankers with less staff turnover. He was awarded the highest award in recognition of being one of the top 3% of bankers in Oceania. After 5 years of service with the bank, he was yet again ready for a new and exciting challenge. He moved to Queensland where he started a café with his partner. They both went from $0 to success within a matter of months.

Nicholas now focused on helping small business owners set themselves up for success as a Certified Life Coach, Business Coach, Trainer, and Hypnosis Trainer. So, you know that when it comes to ‘your Hypnosis Trainers’, you have the ‘ultimate’ in Master Hypnotist Mark Anthony, and Hypnosis Trainer and Small Business Guru Nicholas Lord to help you on your journey to create your own successful Hypnotherapy business.